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Virtual tour of the former Anker-Teigwaren-Fabrik Löbau

The tour of the former pasta factory at Äußere Bautzener Straße 32 is now online! 

Löbau's days as a nationally important noodle producer are over. Noodles rolled off the production line in Löbau from 1874 to 1992. Initially located as "Loeser & Co" in today's Sachsenstraße, the company moved to Äußere Bautzener Straße around 1900 under the name "Loeser & Richter". The owner family Schminke modernised the factory in the 1920s and 1930s and ran it successfully until it was expropriated in 1946. After production ceased, an inter-company training centre for construction professions was set up in the building. It has been empty since 2010. With the purchase of the site in 2018 by the city of Löbau, a revival is being discussed.

The historic building is not open to the public. A unique opportunity to nevertheless visit the former production, administration and recreation rooms is the new digital tour. The project was made possible by funding from the "WissensWandel" programme. WissensWandel is a digital programme for libraries and archives within NEUSTART KULTUR of the Deutsche Bibliotheksverband e.V. (dbv). It is funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media (die Beauftragte der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien). As part of this funding, the extensive holdings of the Löbau municipal archives on the noodle factory and the adjacent Schminke family home are also to be digitised and thus made accessible to a broad public.

SACHSENHITS VRmedia from Niesky produced the tour. The special technology used made it possible to create a model of the building, which means that the former noodle factory can now be experienced in a virtual 3D tour.

Here you can find the links to the tour:

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Ein Projekt im Rahmen von „WissensWandel. Digitalprogramm für Bibliotheken und Archive innerhalb von NEUSTART KULTUR“. Das Programm „WissensWandel“ des Deutschen Bibliotheksverbandes wird innerhalb von NEUSTART KULTUR von der Beauftragten der Bundesregierung für Kultur und Medien. Das Programm NEUSTART KULTUR zielt auf einen Neustart des kulturellen Lebens in Deutschland in Zeiten von Corona und danach, indem Kultureinrichtungen zur Wiedereröffnung ihrer Häuser, Programme und Aktivitäten ertüchtigt werden. Nähere Informationen zum Programm „WissensWandel“ finden Sie unter:

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